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"Since 1996 Who's Who Legal has identified the foremost legal practitioners in business law based upon comprehensive, independent research. It is impossible to buy entry into this publication."

The main focus of my work at Who's Who Legal (WWL) was print design and production editing for the 50+ print publications the company produces a year, plus adverts and events supplements. As well as this, I have worked on a number of design projects for WWL: Brand identity, web/UX concepts, customer journey, social media imagery, physical award artwork, product photography and more.


This page houses a few examples of the work I produced as a senior designer and production editor at WWL.

In 2017, I redesigned WWL's print publications with an emphasis on functionality and navigation for the reader. The finished concept also reduces the page count of each publication, saving a significant amount in print and distribution costs across an annual schedule.

Working closely with the editor, we were able to create a layout for the section on research findings that is easy to navigate and understand.

We revised the paid biography section with larger images, strict alignment across the page, contact details moved to the end of each profile and editorial quotes featured at the very bottom (separated by a line to emphasise that they are written using research findings).

I decided to condense the directory section for two reasons: to allow for easier navigation – viewing more individuals on a page means you're more likely to view multiple country and state sections at one time, which helps you keep your bearings within the directory; and to reduce the overall page count of the publication.

The articles feature large images and differing layouts to keep the reader interested. Pull quotes are bold and feature a stroke in the shape of the style guide's recurring visual theme. A classic typeface hierarchy ensures headings, sub headings and author names are clear.

In 2013, the team decided that WWL would benefit from an updated brand identity. As it was already well established and had a large audience base, changes to its looks had to be carefully considered. The new logo I created holds onto the characteristics of its predecessor's typeface and, with the help of the team, we decided on a colour palette that is professional and reminiscent of the original styling. This style is still in use today.

Infographics have always played an important role in the way WWL reveals its findings on the legal market. Creating intuitive visual representations of trends in black and white was a rewarding process.

I have completed a substantial amount of product photography for WWL, including all of the images featured on this page and photographs of WWL's much sought-after awards.

In 2016, I began exploring the possibilities increasing sales for WWL using a website built solely for experts who have been identified as the best in the world by the publication. Acting as a product page, the concept site seeks to show WWL publications at their best and serves as an information hub on all the benefits for potential customers.

I have laid out several magazine supplements and brochures published alongside Who's Who Legal's awards ceremonies. The imagery used is comprised of stock photography of the venue location and photos taken at the events by third party photographers.

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