Thought Leaders (Who's Who legal)

"Since 1996 Who's Who Legal has identified the foremost legal practitioners in business law based upon comprehensive, independent research. It is impossible to buy entry into this publication."

The first edition of Who's Who Legal: Thought Leaders launched in 2016, online and in print. The content consists entirely of interviews with the best lawyers in the world, according to WWL's research.


The series features memorable stock photography of a platoon of paper boats, which I discovered online in its development stages and manipulated to match the relevant branding used for each edition.

I chose a colour that would help Thought Leaders stand out against other WWL publications and a print layout style that emphasises the photography submitted for each piece, while being simple enough to be laid out manually more than 50 times per issue without causing problems.

I also created the following icon, to be introduced as a recognisable shorthand in email signatures, web banners and events materials.